Bimini with Wild Dolphins

The ability to instantly connect with these curious and playful marine mammals, on their terms, is so powerful and transformative. The more energetic we become, the more animated the dolphins are in their responses. If we twist and twirl and dive, the dolphins will follow suite, mimicking our every move like a pantomime. Its like dancing with someone you’ve met long ago; it feels so familiar and pure, like being a child again. You cannot miss this experience!

Since the beginning of recorded time, the world over, stories of human-dolphin encounters arouse wonderment and a sense of profound connection. Lucky witnesses are often left delighted, even euphoric, and many have reported inexplicable healings. Few are left unchanged.

When dolphins interact in their own natural environment they seem to revel in obvious joy. Jumping, splashing, twirling, flipping and diving. Dolphins emit a high-frequency sonar though the water, which to us sounds like a bunch of clicks and whistles. When you swim with them it’s as if they ‘sonar scan’ you, which many people report has a positive therapeutic effect, physically, physiologically and spiritually.

Feelings of elation are not uncommon, as you get back in touch with all that is good and well within you, uplifting your capacity to live life to the fullest.

I see dolphins as our equals. and support the growing movement that dolphins (cetaceans) are classified as ‘Non-Human People’, a form of legal personhood which recognizes these ‘people of the sea’, with large brains and a span of consciousness like ours.

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